The artist Mimmo Crao expresses the mirror of a free man in his freethinking and in his art.

InĀ  his paintings we find someone who varies the techniques of artistic execution to coincide with changing times and personal experiences of inspiration and state of mind to which he surrenders. Mimmo Crao has painted with dedication and passion for many years, displaying his work in many art exhibits theatrical productions, television and movies.

The artist however,in the presentation of his work presents a passionate, original and varied style in almost every painting.

We can discern a unique creativity which journeys from tenuous colours and shapes to revolutionary pyrotechnics of colours where all visual effects are encapsulated into a strong and overwhelming emotion. We are therefore, observing an artist who has learned from passionate life experiences from Italy, where he was born and his travels in Europe and North America.

This gives us the key to understating the complexity of his art and how he is influenced by his thoughts,emotions and artistic integrity.

The tones and colours render his inner world more expressive yet remain lucid and faithful to his creative spirit. Mimmo Crao captures key moments of life and displays them on canvas in an embrace of acceptance of all people. His paintings are replete with emotion , good humour and sadness. His creations on canvas are liberating ; they touch every admires heart and contain scenes of extraordinary artistic dynamism.

Mimmo Crao nourishes himself with the cultivation of a strong historical memory and a profound introspection. His art is a fragrant and resonating rendition and integration of contacts and experiences. It is an attractive and seductive visual display of art readily accessible to the observer.