Mimmo Crao was born in Scilla, Italy.This picturesque marine borough is nestled like an eagle on a rock, mirroring in the waters of the Messina strait. Mimmo Crao spent his childhood entirely entangled in the chromatic splendor of the village’s landscape, with its changeable colours of which he entirely perceived the fascination and the innermost secrets.

His appetite for the arts leads him at first towards the domain of theater and cinema. After spending a few years in Taurianova in the hinterland of Piana del Tauro, at the heart of immeasurable olive fields.In 1971 he moves to Rome where he is accepted  at the Theater School of Anna Gruber and to the School of maestro Fersen, at last  making his movie debut in the Orlando Furioso, an Epic Masterpiece of italian literature,directed by Luca Ronconi.

He will then intensely work side by side with prestigious actors appearing in supporting and leading roles in various films,among which “Jesus of Nazareth” directed by Franco Zeffirelli, the renowned “ Yety”, directed by Frank Kramer and side by side with Marty Feldman in the movie “40˚ Degrees” directed by Sergio Martino. He also appeared on television in “A love”, a drama of Dostojevsky directed by Alessandro Cane.

During these years, painting becomes an oneric aspiration..... it’s a quasi subliminal need which is intensely experienced in the wake of his longing for those chromatic atmospheres marked by the brakers and the luminous immensities of the native sea in Scilla.

This is the dream that Mimmo Crao pursues,as he starts to feel the ever stronger necessity to reflect on his emotions and express his feelings in his paintings. A considerable portion of Mimmo Crao’s production is in all actuality, ascribable to this period.

Today, after moving to Canada, the artist is constantly engaged in theatre productions of wider interest while devoting a good part of his time to painting. He is also currently involved  with  National Institutions to promote  culture and tradition of his home country.

It is not by change that he declares with no reservations, to be drawn to shapes and colours and find in them the predominant medium for expressing his innate sensibility.